1065 5th Ave., Monroe, WI 53566




1065 5th Ave., Monroe, WI 53566


PDC Electrical Contractors, Inc. specializes in industrial, agricultural, municipal and commercial electrical projects. With over 40 years of experience in motor and process control, lighting and lighting controls, as well as general electrical design and installation, we have the expertise to make your projects a success!

Industrial, Commercial and Municipal Electrical Contractors


PDC Electrical Contractors, Inc., is committed to helping our clients improve their bottom lines through enhancing the energy efficiency of their systems whenever possible. Whether it be through product selection or system configuration, optimum efficiency on your project is our top concern.

Power Distribution and Controls

Distribution systems is one that will safely provide suitable electric service to both present and future probable loads in industrial and commercial installations.

Lighting and Controls

Our experts know that your demands are as unique as your business, PDC installs new and retrofit lighting solutions allowing you to take control of your work environment.

Security and Emergency Power Systems

Keep employees and equipment safe by providing reliable automatic electric backup power in the event of power loss and trustworthy security systems.

Process Automation and Integration

PDC’s process automation and system integration experts design, modify, and upgrade systems that provide you with complete control of your processes.

Electric Motor Controls

Whether replacing components or redesigning an entire control system, PDC will evaluate your system’s present condition and provide upgrade options where needed.

Specialty Stainless Steel Systems

Stainless steel conduit and electrical systems provide protection for wiring and cable in areas where corrosion is a concern. PDC is a leader in stainless steel systems.


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PDC has provided electrical services for our company on several different occasions. They provide a quality product in a timely manner while always displaying a professional attitude.
This project came in on budget. The quality of work is some of the best I have seen in the industry. On site safety was first class and done by the book. Every question and issue was answered very professionally.
This project was a design/build, being a new process there were many changes. PDC’s experience and knowledgeable staff were invaluable in making the project a success.
Past experiences with PDC set the tone for this job. Professionalism, problem solving, and the ability to get the job done on time are their strengths. This job proved no different.

Our project involved demo and rebuild around the outside and through the middle of the plant, while keeping the plant at full production. PDC did a great job of keeping us running while making major electrical changes.