We have our roots in and continue to specialize in motor control and process electrical work in the following markets:

  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Water Wells and Towers

  • Food & Beverage Processing Facilities

  • Packaging Plants

  • Dairy Barns and Parlors

  • Grain Handling Facilities

  • Manufacturing and Industrial Plants

  • Ethanol Production Facilities

  • Health Care

  • Renewable Energy

  • UPS and Backup Power Systems

Every project is different and at PDC we offer the services and solutions to make sure your project is a success. PDC offers design, installation and service in the following systems:

  • Power Distribution and Controls

  • Lighting and Controls

  • Emergency Power Systems

  • Process Automation and Integration

  • Electric Motor Controls

  • Security and Life Safety Systems

  • Medium Voltage Work (up to 35kV)

  • Specialty Stainless Steel Conduit and Cable Tray Systems for Food and Sanitary Processes

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service


PDC Electrical Contractors, Inc., is committed to helping our clients improve their bottom lines through enhancing the energy efficiency of their systems whenever possible.  Whether it be through product selection or system configuration, optimum efficiency on your project is our top concern.

In addition, PDC will coordinate with any energy efficiency & utility programs that may be present in your area to ensure that your incentive or grant applications are properly applied for and program processes are followed.


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