PDC Electrical Contractors, Inc., based in Monroe, WI has been providing our clients with superior designs, installations, and services for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to provide a project that fits their budget and timeline every time.

Our staff is the backbone of our success, from our Project Managers, Designers and Estimators, to our Project Superintendents, Master, Journeymen and Apprentice electricians. PDC Electrical Contractors and its staff have the expertise to ensure your projects are done properly by trained professionals.


PDC Electrical Contractors serves the Industrial, Agricultural, Municipal and Commercial markets.  We have our roots in motor control and process electrical systems, but we have grown and expanded, allowing us to service customers and projects of all sizes.  We specialize in manufacturing projects, food and beverage facilities, dairy applications, waste water treatment plants, ethanol production and health care facilities.

PDC Electrical Contractors can also support all of your system automation and integration needs through our PDC Automation Group. PDC Automation specializes in the complete design, installation and programming of industrial automation systems.  Our team of project engineers, designers, panel assembly staff and field technicians are dedicated to making sure your system is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

At PDC Electrical Contractors, “Safety is First”, we are very proud of our safety record. Continuous training for our entire staff ensures that our electricians will perform safely and exceed the requirements your project demands. To learn more specifics about our safety record, please visit our Safety page.

PDC Electrical Contractors has been named an “Accredited Quality Contractor” since 2001 by the Associated Builders and Contractors Association (ABC), a national association with 74 chapters representing 22,000 merit shop construction and construction-related firms. since 2001. Learn more about PDC’s merits on our Awards and Certifications page.

PDC Electrical Contractors is proud to participate in the ABC Apprenticeship Program helping educate and train new electrical workers.  This program ensures that all of our electricians have received the proper education and on the job training.